“All of these things are delicate.
And sometimes it is all down to pure chance.
You can do everything to weigh the odds in your favour, but at the end of the day, you never know exactly what is going to happen.”

We can never tell when a story will strike us.
When words, written by those who lived it, will touch our hearts and leave a mark that (we know it) will last forever.

Audrey and Ranae’s journey is one of those stories.
Two mothers, one child, a family. Trying for a second child, a little brother/sister for the love of their lives.
Through their story, written in real time on this blog, we got to know what it is like to go abroad for a treatment. What it is like to deal with the emotions, the thrill and the waiting. How much it costs. And the answer to the big question: “who carries the baby?”

This is a love story. It’s Audrey and Ranae’s story, but it could be yours.

Ranae and Audrey are Ava’s and Arya’s mothers. Their journey can be followed on Ranae’s personal blog, here

The journey

A ‘behind the scenes’ look into the world of same-sex IVF or for anyone wishing to avail of IVF abroad!

IVF abroad

The details, information, timeline.
All there is to know about planning your treatment abroad.

This is Portugal

The country, the legislation, where to stay and what to do during a treatment.

Would you like to know more about reciprocal IVF?

you can find more information here